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torsdag, september 27, 2007

Politically correct

The swedish catholic website "Katolsk Observator" has made a comment on a documentary about the Catholic Church made by swedish television that aired a few days ago(I have not seen that program, the communications in the little italian town I'm in now are not so good), a it was of course the same old criticism as always, depicting the Church as an evil organisation because she doesn't agree with the liberal program of the secularised society.
Of course I cannot remember that a similar program has been made in Sweden about the islamic faith.
Why is it that it's open season on catholics while muslims are such sacred cows, I wonder?

torsdag, september 13, 2007

Lack of faith

The homepage of the Cardinal Dante Society informs us about an interview with former editor of the diocesan magazine "Katolskt Magasin" Berit Bylund where she explains her reasons for leaving the Catholic faith, which is really old news.
And many people also know that before she left the Church, she was also a member of the so called "Katolsk vision"(protestants within the Church, though it can be questioned whether they're really are IN).
So it isn't really anything extraordinary that she left the Church, it was just a logical step of loosing the faith, something I would say is symptomatic in that movement.
This is another good reason why this group shouldn't be taken seriously by catholics.

onsdag, september 05, 2007


I'm writing temporarily in english since I, for the moment, do not have access to a keyboard containing all the words of the swedish alphabet.
I joined Facebook a short time ago and I have noticed that some users that call themselves "Catholic" also describe themselves more specifically as "Lutheran Catholic". What is that? There's no such thing. It's an absurdity, a contradiction, a crime against reason.
People please, let's stop with these made up names.

Ciao a tutti!